KJC feeds the need for more inspiring food and beverage brands by bringing deep culinary experience and strategic insights under one roof.

From Instagram food pics and evolving tastes (sriracha popcorn, anyone?) to the rise of gluten-free and a lust for all things local, the culinary world savors change. KJC draws on trend tracking, research, ingredients and vision
to serve up strategic growth opportunities on a silver platter.


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Kazia Jankowski
Founder, Culinary & Brand Innovator

Food is life for Kazia.

As the leader of KJC’s strategic and culinary projects, Kazia brings a distinct combination of food industry experience and strategic branding to the table. She’s helped build brands within large global companies like Pepsi and Dunkin' Donuts. She’s guided smaller brands like Annie’s, EVOL and Illegal Pete’s to brand and product success. She is tastefully inspired. She is embarrassingly professional. And boy does she love to eat.

Kazia attended culinary school at El Txoko del Gourmet in San Sebastian, Spain, and and is speaker at national food conferences, including Expo East and Fast Casual Executive Summit. Her thoughts on food innovation can be found in the Wall Street Journal, NPR, and Supermarket News.

For our projects, Kazia curates teams of culinary professionals, including:

  • Innovation chefs
  • Food-forward designers
  • Culinary copywriters
  • Product formulators
  • Supply chain and manufacturing experts
  • Food financial analysts